In case you make a brand new web site, it’s crucial to find the best design and style for it. Through the DTM Hosting Hosting Control Panel it can be done extremely fast. We have now for you an array of over 800 exceptional web site themes obtainable for absolutely free. They are offered with every one of our cloud hosting accounts and are also entirely customizable.

Practically all of the web templates are built only for our solutions and are not accessible elsewhere outside the Control Panel. This means the probabilities to locate another person utilizing the same theme just like you usually are really low.

800+ No Charge Layout Templates

Completely customizable. Automated Installation

To save you time when choosing the perfect look for your website, we’ve designed a selection of over 800 no charge layout templates inside the DTM Hosting Control Panel. The designs are engineered to cover various subjects and desires – you will discover web templates both for private sites just like blogs or portfolios as well as business web sites or online shops.

Every one of our no charge layout templates can be found with both DTM Hosting’s Apps as well as the Website Installer. Consequently you can actually install the template that suits you on a fresh site in seconds.

Free Website Themes

No Charge App Layout Templates

Get no charge layout templates for your upcoming web app

We have made a few tools (our Website Installer, our Apps as well as our Web Site Building Application), around for no charge inside the DTM Hosting Control Panel, that can help you set up a brand new web app just like Joomla or Wordpress within seconds. Throughout the installation, it is possible to decide on a custom theme which is to be used on your web site from the start.

We have no charge layout templates for the following web apps: Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery).

Free App Themes

No Charge Site Builder Layout Templates

100+ thoroughly customizable no charge layout templates

If you would like design your very own site and spend less on website development, you can take full advantage of DTM Hosting’s Web Site Building Application. It’s a template–based website constructor that requires absolutely no HTML or CSS experience by you, and is also available for free of charge with each of our cloud hosting plans.

The tool comes equipped with over 100 special designs and styles, that you can 100% alter to your taste. Because these no charge layout templates were created exclusively for the site builder, you can rest assured that after you establish your site, it’s going to be completely unique.

Free Site Builder Themes